The latest policies from Eramosa Learning Academy

Fee Policy

A deposit of $200.00/family is required with acceptance of admission (refundable with 30 days notice of withdrawal as long as there are no outstanding balances). Students may not attend until all online registration forms are completed in full (including addresses and postal codes). The deposit, fees and miscellaneous charges (PD days, NSF charge etc) are payable by Electronic Funds Transfer and Pre-Authorized-Debit (PAD) Agreements must be filled in and submitted to Eramosa Learning Academy. Parents/guardians will be invoiced each month and the fee will be withdrawn electronically from the specified account on the 1st of each month (or next business day) from September to June.
Online registration forms must be completed and consent forms and PAD agreements received by Eramosa Learning Academy before a student can begin in the program. For students who are returning to program or beginning in September, if circumstances change and they will not be attending, notice is required by July 15th otherwise the fee for September may be charged or the deposit forfeited. Tax receipts will be issued by the last working day of January, for the previous year. There will be a $20 charge for duplicate receipts.
Full fees are required regardless of days missed due to vacation, illness, inclement weather, school and/or statutory holidays. For part-time students, this means for the days they are registered for.

Non-Sufficient Funds

Should a payment be returned due to non-sufficient funds, Eramosa Learning Academy reserves the right to try one more time to debit the payor’s account. Eramosa Learning Academy will do our best to contact the payor before the second debit attempt. There will be a $20.00 charge to the payor for each NSF occurrence. In the case of an outstanding balance, if, within two weeks, there has been no attempt on the payor’s part to reply to phone calls or emails from Eramosa Learning Academy, care will be terminated for non-payment of fees. If payment is not made in full or a payment plan is not agreed upon, Eramosa Learning Academy will utilize a collection agency within two months. If a parent recalls a payment for any reason other than those specified on the PAD agreement, they will be responsible for the charge incurred which is $35.00.

Waiting List Policy

We do maintain waiting lists for our programs and if space is available, priority is given to current part-time students requesting full-time spaces and then to sibling(s) of our current students on a first-come, first-served basis.
In order to receive priority, current parents must notify Eramosa Learning Academy of any siblings who will begin attending Junior Kindergarten by January 30th of the year that they will attend. If Eramosa Learning Academy is not notified by January 30th, siblings will be placed on the general waiting list based on their initial inquiry date.
Any other available spaces will be offered to those families on our waiting lists depending on their initial inquiry date, the age of the student and their schedule requirements.
Families can only join the waiting list 1 year ahead of when they require care and inquiries must be through email. Offers of available spaces will be made by email.
Acceptance of an offered space must be made within 24 hours of the offer otherwise the space will be offered to the next family on the waiting list. If an offer has been made on two (2) occasions and has not been accepted then the family will be removed from the waiting list or, on specific request from the family, returned to the waiting list, but at the bottom.
Families can call or email at any time to request their position on the waiting list but are required to contact Eramosa Learning Academy by email (nanette@gs-care.com) every six months to determine their position and to provide any updates to their information. In both instances, families will receive an email providing their current position on the waiting list. If families do not contact Eramosa Learning Academy every six months, they will be removed from the waiting list. Eramosa Learning Academy does not charge any fees/deposit to place a student onto any of our waiting lists.

Fee Schedule

Monthly and Daily fees (effective September 2020)
All programs at All Sites
Full-time (5 days a week)
Before and After School: $404.00 per month
Before School only: $166.00 per month
After School only: $298.00 per month
Part-time (any schedule less than 5 days a week – if available)
Before and After School: $24.20 per day
Before School only: $11.60 per day
After School only: $19.90 per day
Monthly fees have been calculated according to the calendar issued by the Wellington District Catholic School Board and you are not charged for PD days. The fees are based on an annual amount and divided into ten equal monthly payments. Fee subsidy is available to families that qualify. You may contact the County of Wellington Subsidy Office to determine whether you qualify for subsidy. The office is located at 129 Wyndham St. N, Guelph, ON. N1H 4E9 or call (519) 837-3620 for an appointment. If families are partially subsidized, a deposit of $200 is required (refundable upon withdrawal as long as there are no outstanding balances).

Late Fines

Eramosa Learning Academy closes at 6pm (5pm on PD days). Each site has a cell phone and the closing time is determined by the cell phone network time. Please ensure you have picked up your child and have left the school by 6pm. Late fines will be charged at a $5 flat fee if picked up within the first 5 minutes and then $1 per minute thereafter. Late fines will be calculated based on the time displayed on the Eramosa Learning Academy site cell phone. Parents will be required to sign a Late Fee Form and late fees will be payable by cash immediately as you pick up your child.